Thursday, February 20, 2014

"Sorry I'm Allergic To Bright Light"

Bright lights make 1 in 4 people sneeze.

Everyone sneezes when something enters their noses (or in my case pollen, it's the worst...I genuinely believe it makes me sneeze more then it actually fertilizes flowers). But some people who have a genetic disorder where they sneeze every time they are hit with bright light. Why? Well the human brain has a bit of a mix up. When light hits our eyes the pupils shrink, this reflex is called the pupillary light reflex. When the signal for this reflex is sent to the brain it gets a bit mixed up. The sneeze reflex is confused with the pupillary light reflex; that's why when the pupils shrink because of light, the brain mixes up the message and the sneeze reflex is triggered. This phenomenon also known as autosomal dominant compelling hello-opthalmic outburst or

the ACHOO syndrome. (ha)

This is a completely legitimate gif to use and you can't tell me otherwise.