Thursday, January 30, 2014

Forbidden Colors (The Colors We Can't See)

If you listened in elementary school to your art teacher or just have basic common sense you should know that red-blue is called purple (or violet if you're one of those people). Now just imagine red-green...
you can't, it's probably just and ugly shade of brown if anything. 

Well just like red-blue has a color called purple, red-green has a color too...we just can't see it. This color just hits a blind spot in our brains. Frustrating it is, knowing that there is a color out there that just you can't see. Our eyes have these neurons in our retina that tells our brain that we are looking at the color red, same with the color green. Most colors we look at require a mixture of neurons to send a signal so we know what color we are looking at. When we look at the color red and green simultaneously the red light cancels out the green light, so we are never able to see what those two colors look like coming from the same place.
I have been waiting patiently for a chance to use this gif

Well almost everyone isn't able to see that color in their lifetimes...
In the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory a scientist has been working to prove the existence of "forbidden colors". He created striped images that are retinally stabilized(ooh fancy words), basically means that both colors had equal amounts of brightness. When the experiment is done correctly people who were lucky enough to see it said "it was like seeing the color purple for the first time".

Perhaps someday we will be able to see forbidden colors with a cool handheld-color-viewer-device-thing.

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