Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Scary Shrimp, Cheek Cells And Grassy Algae

Today in Biology our class had a microscope lab and we got the opportunity to look at some algae and (scary)microorganisms.

The first one that I stumbled across was a scary looking shrimp-like organism. It was really creepy looking in real life. The scientific name for this organism is Gammarus. When I observed it in action it was moving it's tail in a forward backward motion much like a shrimp. The appearance of this organism is rather fit for halloween because it is scary. All jokes aside, the skin of the Gammarus looks rather translucent because you can see things through the outer layer. 

reaction ^
For my next observation I wanted to see how algae looked like to I got a teeny-tiny clump of this dark green algae to put under the microscope. After much focusing I saw a grassy like texture of this algae. This algae was also identified as Rizoclonium. Without the microscope it just looked like a gross slimy clump of algae so it was interesting to see the actual texture of the algae under the microscope.

One of the last things I observe is a microorganism that is running around the clump of something. Although it was very small it appeared to look like a stylonychia because it had whisker like things at the end/front of it's body that was moving to allow it to move freely. It was quite small in real life, the stylonychia looked like a speck outside the microscope.

The picture below is my fabulous cheek cells. Now this is pretty amazing, when I went to get some of my check cells with a toothpick you could see none of these amazing cells on the toothpick like wow that's cool. Also those dark spots are my nucelus inside my cells, they hold my spectacular DNA inside those small little dots!


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