Sunday, October 27, 2013

"How To Kill Wasps With A Lit Textbook" Short Story By Me

It was a normal afternoon, I was sitting in front of my desk desperately cramming for my midterms that were unfortunately inevitable.
<~~Literally Me

Finally deciding to cram after watching 3 episodes of Supernatural I was met with a unusual sound of buzzing coming from my closet (keep in mind I had just watched 3 episodes of a horror show). After five minutes of staring at my english notes I finally got up and decided to face the nightmare that lay in my closet. What looked like a huge fly flew out of my closet and started flying  around my room making this horrible buzzing sound. I can't even study when it's dead silent in my room how was I supposed to study with this overweight fly buzzing around my head. At the edge of going insane I got up and decided to kill this fly. After spraying it with my perfume(that apparently makes the fly mad), slapping it with my brother's books and, physically trying to catch it I had nearly given up hope. It buzzed around in the back of my bookshelf for a good ten minutes before it came out and sat on my carpet like he payed rent or something. This was my chance! I grabbed a plastic cup and trapped it, grabbing the closest heavy object I could find, my literature textbook, I carefully set the the heavy book over the flimsy plastic cup. Victory was mine.

Since this is a biology blog I obviously had to make this experience educational in some way.

With confirmation of my friends I had realized this "fly" was actually was a wasp. Good thing it was a male wasp. I know now it was a male wasp because it didn't sting me, no matter how stupid I was it actually couldn't sting me. Yup, that's right, male wasps can't sting. They are known to sometimes pretend to sting you just to seem tough but they don't have an ovipositor(the stinger) this can also be seen in male human behavior. It also looked most closely related to the "paper wasp" commonly found in North America...what a coincidence I live in North America too.


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